Our Wedding Website - Launch Day

We're so glad you've made it to our website and hope that it gets you excited and ready for our big day!

Paul has been building this site from the ground up for months, and we hope that you feel the love and personality that we both poured into it. We also hope that 20 years of pictures remind you of how many good stories you and others can tell about us on April 13th. As you go through our website please keep in mind the following things:

We are NOT- Mg 9271

  • graphic/web designers
  • writers
  • comedians
  • traditional

We ARE -

  • creators (wait until you see our awesome DIY wedding projects that hit the blog)
  • suckers for traditions, friendship, southern food, and good music
  • insomniacs
  • trying to spread some smiles with our versions of humor
  • procrastinators
  • unapologetically, disgustingly in love (grab a tissue or a trash can? we don't blame you)
  • incredibly excited to start this next chapter of our lives with our friends and family on April 13th, 2013!

With that, we hope you just can't help yourself from checking back often for wedding updates and sneak previews! Oh, and let us know if there's a typo or something's broken.


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is/are so that I/we
be there to with Erica and Paul.
I/We are so for Erica and Paul and
wish them much and
in their marriage.
Additional Notes: