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22132 0Monday, August 27th was a beautiful and sunny (and very warm) day in Charlottesville. A great day to take some pictures. We met up with an awesome photographer, Brianna LaRocco, at Carter's Mountain for an afternoon engagement photo shoot. 

We're not embarrassed to say that we are two gloriously awkward people, so we were a little nervous about getting in front of a camera and trying to "act natural" for pictures that we're supposed to treasure for the rest of our lives.  But Brianna was great and we were able to relax and be as disgustingly cute as possible.  

We walked up and down the side of Carter's Mountain, through the orchards and vineyards (yes we snuck some grapes and they were delicious), had a couple fake picnics, and even stumbled upon an overgrown house that we later learned was the house in which Erica's great uncle was born.  Her great great grandfather was also apparently the orchardist at the mountain at one point!  After the photo shoot, needless to say we were anxious to see the images.  I knew Erica would look beautiful, but I wanted to see if my smiling lessons (thanks Majudge) had paid off.  So we rushed Brianna for as many as she could send us so we could get started on some Save the Dates (more crafting posts to come) and she recently sent us a "preview" set of images from the shoot!  THEY ARE AWESOME, even though I was apparently against having my eyes open in many pictures.

Apparently Brianna liked the pictures too.  We later stumbled upon her blog and found our preview set at the top!

OMG - We're on a Photography Blog!

We were going to wait to share some of the pictures until we get the entire set back, but we were so excited about being featured on a photography blog that we thought we would share a few of our favorites here first ;)

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Many thanks to Brianna LaRocca Photography !  We had a great time and love the pictures.

More to come soon!

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