Wedding Video

Erica & Paul | April 13, 2013 | Richmond, Virginia

So here it is...the long awaited wedding video from our glorious evening in April.  We love it.  It's beautiful.  We couldn't be happier.  Jon is obviously very talented and has been incredible to work with.  Hopefully it can bring back some memories that might by a little hazy for some of you  :)   Enjoy...

Videographer: Jon Schaaf (vimeo)

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Then and Now


Well, we have a TON to blog about now that the wedding has wrapped up, but we just wanted to share a couple quick "flashback Friday" moments with you all. Well, we have a TON to blog about now that the wedding has wrapped up, but we just wanted to share a couple quick "flashback Friday" moments with you all.

Just a couple days before our BIG, magical, perfect day, Paul and I had the pleasure of meeting our amazing wedding photographer for a warm-up shoot. We thought it would be extra special to get our day started by returning to where it all started to get some nostalgic pictures. Going back to our elementary school was surreal and we even ran into our resource teacher who recognized us and couldn't get over how exciting it was to see two former students just days before their wedding. We had a blast with Tori and hope that you enjoy our little trip down memory lane!

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Feelin' the Love!


We're loving these RSVP madlib responses so much and can't wait to get the rest of them in the next few days. 

If you haven't sent your RSVP in yet (right here on our website or through the magical USPS), DO IT NOW so that you have a chair and a plate and a cold drink and a giant hug waiting for you! Thanks so much!

Oh, and don't forget about the song requests and hotel reservations!  Hotel rates are going up and room availability is limited!

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Song Suggestions - Let's Hear 'Em

So here's the deal. We want to have some good tunes for us all to move to. Some fast, some slow. Maybe some wubs, some Motown. And we want some suggestions. Comment on this post with your song suggestion to help us create our playlist! Requests and dedications welcome ;-) 

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Stories & Letters

The Proposal

Here's another super mushy letter to Paul. Don't say I didn't warn you -E

Last winter, you proposed to me. I had seen it coming, but you threw me off when you surprised me with a KitchenAid mixer for my birthday. 

Seriously.Img 0604

I had always joked that that was the one thing that I knew I would put on my someday wedding registry, and sometimes even said it was the only reason I wanted to get married. For the record, that's so not true. Thankfully, though, you knew that. When I joked all night that "now we don't have to get married" you must have found it extra funny knowing that you were planning to propose the next day. Thanks for not taking me seriously this time, Paul.

On my 25th birthday we both took the day off, and you brought me breakfast in bed before heading out of the big city for our traditional Colonial Williamsburg winter getaway. We bundled up and got to Williamsburg with plenty of daylight to check out the wreaths. We weren't on DoG Street long before we happened to bump into Dylan! He was still at school, so it didn't seem that weird to run into him. I quickly realized that this wasn't a chance meeting when Dylan slipped you tickets to something. You told me they were play tickets and I bought that story since we'd done it before. We took our time enjoying the decorations and when we got to the place where we had boarded the carriage 8 years before, you stopped me and said that we had a reservation. This time, though, it would be just the two of us.

You tell this part a lot better than I can. You played it out in your head so many times.

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Invitation Sneak Peek!

Img 0584Keep an eye out for our super unique custom invitations. We had an incredible time designing them with the team over at ForeverFiances and we can't wait for you all to get some fun out of them too! Make sure to send in those RSVP cards or RSVP from right on our website! As always, if you have any questions, call or email us. Can't find our contact info? No problem, click here and let us know what's going on.

See you in TWO MONTHS!

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More engagement photos posted!

Ericaand Paul (23 Of 480) EditHead over to our photos page to check out the rest of our engagement photos from the wonderful Brianna LaRocco Photography! 

 We hope you enjoy!

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Stories & Letters

The First Adventure/Non-Date


Note: This is long. This is mushy. Paul has no idea I'm writing this. :)


It's hard to believe that you took me on what we could call our first "date" 9 years ago today. We had been great friends for around 5 years and had known each other since we were 5 years old, but something changed when you showed up to my house to surprise me for a birthday trip to Colonial Williamsburg. (Thanks Michelle for giving Paul the idea! I think it worked out okay.)

We rode in your mom's minivan since you didn't even have your license yet-- thanks Momma Moore! We walked around Colonial Williamsburg, admired the wreaths, and took a break from walking to take an impromptu friendly carriage ride. I remember telling you that I bet all the girls looking at me were jealous, but I also remember feeling uncomfortable knowing that people were watching us and probably thought we were, like, DATING. Weird. Paul, you were my great friend who I had only ever spent time one-on-one with studying, working on never-ending summer homework packets, or driving you to and from school. I was not used to being spoiled like that and was certainly confused by your sudden interest in making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

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Engagement Photos!

22132 0Monday, August 27th was a beautiful and sunny (and very warm) day in Charlottesville. A great day to take some pictures. We met up with an awesome photographer, Brianna LaRocco, at Carter's Mountain for an afternoon engagement photo shoot.

We're not embarrassed to say that we are two gloriously awkward people, so we were a little nervous about getting in front of a camera and trying to "act natural" for pictures that we're supposed to treasure for the rest of our lives. But Brianna was great and we were able to relax and be as disgustingly cute as possible.

We walked up and down the side of Carter's Mountain, through the orchards and vineyards (yes we tried the grapes and they were delicious), had a couple fake picnics, and even stumbled upon an overgrown house that we later learned was the house in which Erica's great uncle was born. Her great great grandfather was also apparently the orchardist at the mountain at one point!  After the photo shoot, needless to say we were anxious to see the images. I knew Erica would look beautiful, but I wanted to see if my smiling lessons (thanks Majudge) had paid off. So we rushed Brianna for as many as she could send us so we could get started on some Save the Dates (more crafting posts to come) and she recently sent us a "preview" set of images from the shoot! THEY ARE AWESOME, even though I was apparently against having my eyes open in many pictures.

Apparently Brianna liked the pictures too. We later stumbled upon her blog and found our preview set at the top!  Check us out on her blog!!

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Our Wedding Website - Launch Day

We're so glad you've made it to our website and hope that it gets you excited and ready for our big day!

Paul has been building this site from the ground up for months, and we hope that you feel the love and personality that we both poured into it. We also hope that 20 years of pictures remind you of how many good stories you and others can tell about us on April 13th. As you go through our website please keep in mind the following things:

We are NOT- Mg 9271

  • graphic/web designers
  • writers
  • comedians
  • traditional

We ARE -

  • creators (wait until you see our awesome DIY wedding projects that hit the blog)
  • suckers for traditions, friendship, southern food, and good music
  • insomniacs
  • trying to spread some smiles with our versions of humor
  • procrastinators
  • unapologetically, disgustingly in love (grab a tissue or a trash can? we don't blame you)
  • incredibly excited to start this next chapter of our lives with our friends and family on April 13th, 2013!

With that, we hope you just can't help yourself from checking back often for wedding updates and sneak previews! Oh, and let us know if there's a typo or something's broken.


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is/are so that I/we
be there to with Erica and Paul.
I/We are so for Erica and Paul and
wish them much and
in their marriage.
Additional Notes: